The times of scrolling through several WhatsApp discussions to achieve the one you’re searching for could soon be a relic of days gone by.WhatsApp is trial  another feature  that gives you a chance to pin chats to the highest priority means on  the top, which actually means the chats you returned to consistently are all the more effectively available.

WhatsApp New Features Allows Users to Pin their Favourite Chats to the Top

The new feature is at present being tried in the beta version.

Step by step instructions to PIN A CHAT:-

  1. To try the new feature ,you will have to download WhatsApp Beta 2.17.162 or 163.
  2. You can discover these on APK Mirror or on the Play Store by joining the official beta then wait for sometime until your application update.
  3. To pin a chat to the highest priority means on the top , tap and hold  on any conversation until a pin symbol shows up in the activity bar beside the delete, archive and mute buttons.
  4. A chat remains at the highest priority or on the top of the list.
  5. You can just pin three conversation at any given moment. You can likewise unpin one of the picked three and replace it with another.

WhatsApp New Features Allows Users to Pin their Favourite Chats to the Top

While WhatsApp hasn’t remarked on the update yet, it was initially flagged by Android Police, who stated: ‘WhatsApp beta 2.17.162 (and now 163) [is] including one exceptionally helpful little component: pin chats.’

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