It is a story about a man from Balewadi, Pune who uploaded the image of a hand-written shopping list for vegetables on LinkedIn — one out of the many written for him by his wife on a regular basis, to add to his apparently not-so-perfect grocery shopping skills.

Gaurav or Era Golwalkar had ever expected that it is going to gain over 10 lakh retweets on Twitter and over 30,000 shares on Facebook. Her practical and easy going descriptive instructions, alongside with drawings of the veggies, catch the attention of the online world so effectively that the list went viral on social media.

Gaurav, who is from Bhavnagar and is partner-promoter at an education technology company said that “I have spent a lot of time in hostels and pg’s, I am generally very bad in case of veggie shopping also don’t understand the difference between various leafy vegetables, and often end up paying more than the required price.

Pune Couple Behind The Viral Shopping List Which Took The Internet By Storm

The couple got married in 2014, soon after the marriage Era had to leave for US.

While she was in US from there also Era often use to order vegetables online for his husband, or even called the vegetable vendors she was familiar with. This January Era returned from US but due to time constraints it was not easy for them to go shopping together.

Era a 29-year-old IT analyst from Indore added that “Usually I made lists for him right from the beginning, but I soon realized that they were not quite working, So, I decided to make them easier to understand. Initially, I used seven or eight buying parameters per vegetable, but the lists started going too long —then I decided to use the three most important parameters for each instead. And, that is what has been going for the last five or six months”.

Pune Couple Behind The Viral Shopping List Which Took The Internet By Storm

Gaurav first decided to upload the list on LinkedIn to catch the attention of online grocery store brands — but it took off to an unexpected scale. Era’s friend from US even sent her the list when it was forwarded to him online, asking if it was her.

“The question I’ve been asked the most by strangers online is whether I fulfill these shopping criteria now,” Gaurav smiled,

“The best part has been the lack of negativity or trolling about the post — everyone has taken it so positively,” Era summed up.

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