For fans, their favorite stars on the silver screen are evergreen, and age is simply a number. however as a result of their huge love for these celebrities, birthdays are forever a big day and whether they need it or not, ardent fans wouldn’t only grasp the exact age, however some would probably be able to provide details like time – right up to the second! And if involves Bollywood’s sultan Salman Khan, facts are nigh not possible to get wrong.

However, a recent image of a voter’s slip that has gone viral shows that Bhaijaan is 64 years old and not 51 as we all thought.
Well, it’s not a case of Photoshopping as one would suppose. As bizarre as it might sound, the slip did exist.

In fact, a voter in the Hyderabad civic polls held in 2016 had turned up with an officially issued identity card carrying the name and movie of movie industry virtuoso Salman Khan. The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) had mistakenly placed the Dabangg star’s image on somebody else’s voter ID card. Yes, that’s true! Well, it looks that the image has resurfaced yet again on the internet.
According to the hoax slip, except for the age, nothing looks to be a drag. In fact, the father’s name too reads as Saleem Khan, minus that the spelling is completely different as salim Khan spells his name with an ‘i’. the card shows it as 64 years whereas the actual age of the actor is 51. However, a glance at the image on the ID and one would know it’s a picture downloaded from the web.
Though last year the person carrying the ID wasn’t allowed to cast his vote by polling officers and we thought the matter was put to rest, it doesn’t seem so now.

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