Indian rail authorities have required a brace down on a prepare bouncing fever on Mumbai’s packed lines after a video of the shocking tricks turned into a web sensation.

The video, which has spread through YouTube, demonstrates two young fellows sliding along a station stage while holding tight to the handrail of a moving train. As the prepare leaves the station, they bounce up on to an edge, and afterward jump out to slap every passing arch. It additionally indicates them hopping on top of a steel viaduct and running on it while clinging to the prepare before bouncing back on once more.

Groups of onlookers have responded with doubt at the trick, which has all the earmarks of being organized to awe voyagers in the trains’ ‘woman carriages’ between Mumbai’s Cotton Green and Reay Road stations.

Authorities have begged the “doubles” to stop before somebody sneaks by a prepare and is injured or executed. A representative for Central Railways said the double included in the video had “took a chance with his life for a few moments of notoriety.” His associate at Western Railways called the trick “a perilous and crazy demonstration of carelessness which no one ought to reproduce.”

The trick goes for broke to new levels of hazard the Mumbai custom of toll evading travelers sitting on the prepare rooftop. In spite of the fact that illicit – those found “voyaging hazardously” can be fined 500 Rupees, around seven pounds, or imprisoned for three months.

Worker champions have likewise censured the furor and approached travelers to pull the harmony to stop the prepare when they see the doubles at play.

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