“Failure Will Never Overtake Me If My Determination To Succeed Is Strong Enough.” – Og Mandino

Jagdish Patel, 28, is a specially able, who is driving himself against all the odds in his life to achieve his dreams. With an annual income of about six lakhs as showman, he feels nothing is impossible in this world if one sets his mind, focus and efforts to achieve his goal.

Born to a hardworking farmer and religious kind lady, in a small village called Garhakota in Sagar District of Madhya Pradesh, his parent’s joy knew no bound at his birth.

Meet Jagdish Patel - From a Polio affected Child to a Stuntman-Singer :The motivating story a Budding Artist

But as every sunrise is followed by a sunset, their happiness was also short lived! At five months’ age, Jagdish developed high fever. His family rushed to a nearby hospital kick wherein the hospital staff misdiagnosed his condition. Thus he was stricken with polio. Jagdish’s parents did not leave a single opportunity to cure him; be it consulting a doctor at particular hospital on suggestion or visiting a temple and priest. They did everything possible in their quest to rid their child of this disease. Alas, it was too late!

Jagdish took admission in the school when he was of three years but had to drop out twice as there was no one to assist him to school. His parents and grandfather were mostly occupied with farming and household work. Jagdish spent his days playing with his brother who was just two years younger than him.

His grandfather Late Shri Ajuddi Patel, smiled his way through stress and motivated Jagdish a lot. He took the responsibility of raising Jagdish and developing his confidence. Jagdish still remembers his grandfather’s words– ‘You are blessed with special powers, if you identify them you will rock the world’.

Meet Jagdish Patel - From a Polio affected Child to a Stuntman-Singer :The motivating story a Budding Artist

Another person who motivated him is his younger brother, Govind. When his brother entered in 5th class, he motivated Jagdish to join school again and promised Jagdish to bring him along on cycle. This became their daily routine as Govind became Jagdish’s support which motivated him to continue his studies. Jagdish, who was compelled by nature to crawl on his hands at till the age of 10, started using wheelchair. He started commuting without any support. Not only did he graduate but also earned himself a masters degree.

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