The popularity of spicy, tingling Indian cooking in britain is renowned, however one happy customer in an Indian restaurant in Northern Ireland was so happy last week that he left a tip of £1,000 (nearly Rs 1 lakh).
Stunned and delighted by the tip, the owner and employees of Indian Tree restaurant in Portadown are celebrating, however attribute the honor primarily to the expertise of chef babu, so best-known for his skills that customers follow him when he changes employment.

The businessman was in a group of 5 that dined at the restaurant and therefore the bill came to £79.05.

Restaurant director luna Ekuch and chef babu show the bill with a tip of £1,000 left by a loyal customer last week. (Facebook)

“He has been a loyal customer of babu since 2002 and since he moved abroad, once he flies home into Belfast he would call and see what babu is cooking.
“He comes in, then goes home, it’s amazing that he’s so pleased with the food and service and surroundings here…That day he pulled babu aside and said he would really like to mention thank you and that he had a small token. we simply turned and were like, ‘That’s not small, are you crazy?’
Ekush, who took over the restaurant over a year ago, said it had been the biggest tip she had ever received but added that all credit must go to babu. “He is the main selling point for the restaurant” she said.

In a post on Facebook page, the restaurant said: “We might not be the most exclusive, the most glamourous, the very best grossing establishment, have an outsized range on our Facebook page likes, but we sure do have the most real fantastic customers that love everything regarding our food and restaurant.”

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